VIDEO: Lamborghini gets a bath courtesy of city fountain

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We received over a dozen tips about a hot video including a Lamborghini Gallardo (good start) and some aqueous material of the municipal kind, so we had to see the motion pictures for ourselves. We pictured a hot yellow Lambo crashing into a huge fountain, or some scantily clad young lady giving the Italian supercar a bath, but we got none of the above. What we did see is some guy using a blue bucket to transport water from a homely looking city fountain and dousing it on his prized Gallardo. To complicate the news-worthiness of the video, it looks like it was captured with a camera phone, it's shot from across the street, and the guy doesn't even seem very excited about saving $4 at the local car wash. But, you asked for it, so we've provided the video after the jump for your enjoyment (or indifference). Power to the people! Thanks for the tip, everyone!

[Source: Auto Market]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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