Unofficial Volt Wait List surpasses 30,000 hand raisers

Shortly after the Volt Concept was shown, a Volt adherent started a website called to show General Motors that it was on to something. After the Volt was approved for production, the site added a feature to allow people to "raise their hands" to show interest in the Volt, much like what was done for the smart fortwo before its arrival on our shores.

A little more than a year later, there are almost 34,000 hand raisers in 50 states and 56 countries. While the list is unofficial and doesn't mean that any of these hand raisers are in line ahead of you to purchase a Volt, the site claims that GM is aware of the list and considering making it official in some capacity.

California, no surprise, accounts for the greatest interest in the Volt, but even the folks in the dirty dirty -- that's the South -- have put in a strong showing. Alabama's got 86 Volters on the list, as opposed to Vermont, one of the states suing the EPA over emissions regulations, which has just ten.

As far as countries interested in the Volt, number three on the chart is Turkey (among those who identified their nationalities). Who knew? And tiny Vanuatu has double the number of hand raisers than all of Russia -- two to one. What could be most interesting is the average price people say they are willing to pay for the Volt: $31,298.27. That's about $9,000 short of Lutz's number, but hey, there's still time to negotiate. Thanks for the tip, iOrange!

[Source: GM-Volt]

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