The Kiddiemoto GSX-R, Suzuki's greenest two-wheeler ever?

Click above to enlarge the Kiddiemoto GSX-R

Suzuki has recently launched a new two-wheeler in the U.K. which emits absolutely zero emissions. Not only that, the entire machine is made from sustainable materials. Best of all, the bike costs just £99.00. Perhaps the Kiddiemoto GSX-R wooden child-sized bike isn't exactly street legal, but we don't imagine that kids aged 2+ should be venturing out on the street anyway. Painted up just like their dad's GSX-R, the kiddies can spend all kinds of time pretending to slay the dragon.

The Kiddiemoto GSX-R is reportedly made almost entirely of birch wood and it's way cooler than those wooden horses we had as kids. If you like this idea, but need something a bit more adult-sized, be sure to check out the Wikerbike which we featured over on Autoblog a while back. Proof positive that some people have way too much free time on their hands.

[Source: Suzuki GB via Visordown]

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