The Wickerbike - a greener kind of Harley

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We can't actually remember ever meeting the elusive crack band of Russian bikers known as Hell's Weavers, but we now have definitive proof that the group does indeed exist. Eschewing the dangerous rough-and-tumble lifestyle of drinking and running amok, the Weavers are rumored to have a much kinder, gentler side. With this in mind, we'd like to present the result of their latest weekend basket-weaving get-together, the Wickerbike.

The Wickerbike appears to be a nearly 1:1 replica of Harley-Davidson's new FLSTSB Cross Bones, including the mini-ape-hangers, solo saddle and springer fork. We have little additional commentary to offer, other than pointing out the fact that the work done, such as it is, appears to be of a very high quality.

[Source: Snegopad via Winding Road]

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