Spy Shots: Cadillac CTS coupe caught with minimal camo

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Past spy shots of the upcoming Cadillac CTS Coupe have shown the prototype wearing baggy pants on its butt that obscured exactly how much of the CTS Coupe Concept's rotund rear end would make it to production. These new shots from KGP Photography, however, show a prototype that's wearing only a form fitting body suit of checkered tape. They reveal that the overall shape of the CTS Coupe's hindquarters will neatly mimic the concept car, though small details have been changed for production purposes. The mesh vents that flanked the center exhaust tips on the concept have been replaced with red reflectors, for instance, and the license plate housing has been reshaped to accept plates from the U.S. or Europe and is now topped by a bigger strip of chrome. Another notable difference is the addition of a true B-pillar where the concept had nothing but glass. Still, the car is largely the same as the one we saw rotating on a stand in Detroit last January and will serve to fill out the CTS lineup along with a sport wagon that should be arriving shortly. Check out all the new spy shots in our gallery below, and pardon the bluriness in some shots as the photographers tell us they were taken through light fog from over a half mile away.

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