LIVE: Autoblogger doing I-80 in 40 hours with Alex Roy

Click above to watch the 80 in 40 streaming live

When Damon asked if he could take two days off from blogging to do a cross-country road trip with his buddies, I wanted to break the news to him gently that it takes more than two days to drive across the U.S. of A. Then he told me his buddies were Davey G. Johnson and Alex Roy, the current record holder for doing a transcontinental run in 30 hours and 4 minutes, and that their transportation would be Roy's own BMW M5 "Team Polizei" car. Their plan is to travel the entire length of Interstate 80 from the George Washington Bridge in NYC to the Bay Bridge in San Francisco and then own down to Monterey for this weekend's events surrounding the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The pace will be a little slower than Roy's record run, with 40 hours being the target time from start to finish.

Of course, I released Damon from his blogging bonds and wished him well in his duties as co-driver. The trio began their trip this morning and are streaming a live feed of their journey on Roy's blog,, as we speak. I just watched them pass a Doritos truck in Pennsylvania. (Be aware that the feed will go dark sometimes as their EVDO card hits an area without reception, and keep your volume down as they like to drive with the windows open.) Damon will be reporting on his experience over the next two days, so keep an eye out to learn what it's like to road trip with professionals.

UPDATE 1: Just to clarify, they are not racing across the country and don't care much if they miss arriving in California within 40 hours. They have also not been pulled over or "busted" as some commenters believe.
UPDATE 2: Damon's behind the wheel!


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