Gentlemen GT: Soul-searching through Nevada in Maserati's Gran Turismo

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I've been reading an unhealthy amount of car reviews for more years than I dare to count and I'm guessing you're the same. But over the last decade, I've become increasingly selective about which sources and writers are worthy of fulfilling my fix. Money that should otherwise be stuffed away for a rainy day or put towards replacing the waterpump in my E36 inevitably finds its way into the till of my local bookseller when a new issue of Evo or Car hits the stands. While it still seems that a handful of buff books and a select few newspaper writers have the market cornered on the art of road-going storytelling, one light shines in our little corner of the webiverse.

Motive was smart enough to hire Davey G. Johnson, former Jalop contributor and friend of everyone here at Autoblog, to review the Maserati Gran Turismo, and where Davey goes we follow. He recounts his time in the driver's seat of Maser's grand-tourer, providing further evidence that true automotive verse isn't always found on dead trees. These kind of stories continue to solidify the 'Net's grasp on the future of automotive journalism, proving that the medium doesn't matter – the man behind the keyboard wields the power to inspire. Enjoy.

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