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Will Buckshot kill the Xebra?

For the past few years the little Xebra from ZAP! has pretty much had the American three-wheeled electric truck market cornered. However, those days of "dominance" may soon be numbered if the Buckshot from Green Vehicles proves to be as capable as they suggest it is. In fact, since they say that they have been getting "tremendous interest" from different businesses, including a request for a demo from the United States Postal Service, we wonder if it might not make the Xebra truck extinct. Like the Triac that the company is also bringing to our shores, the Buckshot boasts a 20kw brushless AC motor powered by 23 kWh of LiFePO4 batteries with the a custom battery management system (BMS) and regenerative braking. The top speed is said to be 60 mph (the website says 45 mph, so it may be speed-limited) with a range of 80 to 90 miles (at 45 mph). It's heavy duty suspension is advertised to handle a total vehicle load of 1 ton and there are optional cargo configurations. When is it coming? Hit the jump for more.

[Source: Green Vehicles]

If you're lucky enough to be near Salem, Oregon during the first week of September you could stop by Electric Wheels Inc. where the Buckshot is scheduled to premier and view it in person. It will be possible to take it for a test drive, by appointment only please, after the 15th of September at the San Jose and Mill Valley, California locations of Green Vehicles. Deliveries of the electric truck are said to begin around the beginning of November and with only 50 being produced a month, they suggest you jump on board the reservation list.

So is this tricycle truck with the tuk-tuk looking fascia mean the end of the road for the Xebra? Well maybe not right away. ZAP! has sold hundreds of their vehicles and have built up a sizable number of distributors. With the Buckshot wielding the competitive price tag of $17,995 though, it seems quite possible that the corner of this market might soon be chipped away.

[Source: Green Vehicles]

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