Inside the Volt, in video

ABC News recently did a segment on the Chevy Volt, calling it "the automotive equivalent of the moon shot." Most of it you've heard before -- GM's in trouble, if the Volt doesn't work then it means more doom, and "industry experts" don't believe the Volt will come out in time. But there was a glimpse of the production model of the car, including the interior.

One intriguing line was, "it will look a lot more like a typical 4-door than the show car concept." The front quarter view you get of the clay model is quite a bit altered from the concept, but still slick. The presenter also calls the interior reminiscent of Apple, but unless he means the fact that there's not a button in sight, it doesn't look much like an Apple. It's got a nice steering wheel, though.

Either way, we really hope GM pulls this one off. But frankly, no one knows if that will happen, and that includes, apparently, GM. So we have to wait until November 2010 to see if Lutz ("Yes!") or the Volt engineer ("We'll see...") is correct. Until then, get your bets in now, folks. Thanks for the tip, Jacob!

[Source: Yahoo!]

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