Reborn Citron 2CV is weird as original

Click above for more renderings of this Citroën 2CV concept

Wondering what the heck you are looking at above? It's a concept by French designer David Portela of what a revised and reintroduced Citroën C2V could look like. Although the original design couldn't really be described as pretty, it's the personification of Megan Fox compared to this unfortunate conglomeration of Picasso-esque designs. Portela describes his creation's shapes as being "inspired by the original car, but also by the aeronautical world. They are a blend of the 1940-1950 style and futurism." We think it's more like a combination between an old steam locomotive and a submarine, but what do we know?

Amazingly, Citroën has never contacted Portela. We can't imagine why. In any case, we'd love to see a 2CV revival to commemorate its 60th anniversary. If that does happen, hopefully the result won't look anything like the concept you see here.

[Source: David Portela via World Car Fans]

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