BREAKING: Franz von Holzhausen leaving Mazda for Tesla Motors

It's already on Wikipedia so it must be true. We've just received confirmation from Tesla Motors that the upstart electric car company has somehow managed to snag Mazda's top designer to become its new Design Director and head up a team of in-house designers at a new studio. Franz von Holzhausen is the current rock star of the automobile design world, having been the creative force behind the last few year's worth of Mazda concepts that include the Nagare and Furai, as well as overseeing the design of all Mazda production vehicles in North America since February 2005. von Holzhausen has also been a designer at both General Motors and Volkswagen.

This is a major coup for Tesla, as its current Roadster was designed entirely by Lotus. The company's chairman, Elon Musk, reportedly hand-picked von Holzhausen to design the rest of Tesla's electric car range that will include both a mainstream sedan and sport compact.

A press release is on its way from Tesla Motors and will be added to this post when it arrives. Thanks for the tip, Antontio and David!

[Source: Car Design News]

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