Breaking - Leakage: The Golf/Rabbit VI

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Although it is supposed to be introduced on Wednesday, the photos of the sixth generation of the Golf are now available online. The official introduction of the car is still set for October 2nd in Paris. This new generation gets the Scirocco frontal treatment although it's more an evolution than a revolution from the current model. Why is this interesting? VW is phasing out the last of their older TDI technology to become HDIs, and both the Polo and the Golf ( Rabbit as it's known in the U. S.) will be the first models to get these diesels. Until now, VW's older diesels used pump injectors, but they're switching to common-rail technology, as the rest of competitors (namely the PSA HDI diesels and the Opel/ Fiat CDTIs). The Golf is also expected to get a brand-new 1.6-liter TDi that will lower consumption and improve emissions, to get under the magical 120 g/km figure.

[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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