The one thing your Ford GT is missing...

On the long road from concept to production, some details inevitably fall off of show cars. We always hope the details that make a a concept a show-stopper carry over after the suits give the green light, and when we're talking about a six-figure halo supercar, we're usually not terribly disappointed. Case in point is the Ford GT, which managed the transition from concept to reality without losing much along the way at all.

In one (relatively minor) concession to reality, however, those deliciously retro little aluminum rings that adorned the bucket seats were axed (see right). Authenticity-fetishists who happen to own a Ford GT can rejoice as Canadian aftermarket firm ExotiCARe has come out with a simple solution. Their easy-to-install kit includes 50 anodized aluminum seat rings to give your Ford GT that fresh-off-the-show-stand retro look. You can order a set for $265 off their website, just follow the link. Thanks for the tip, Andrew!

[Source: ExotiCARe]

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