Tata mulls Jaguar return to Le Mans

Jaguar XJR-9

Ratan Tata would like to see Jaguar return to Le Mans someday, and seeing as he owns the British marque's new parent company, he probably has a lot of say in the matter. Tata expressed his wishes at his company's annual meeting at the end of July, but jag aficionados shouldn't get their hopes up just yet. There's no timetable attached, and when asked for further clarification, a Tata rep told Endurance-Info.com that nothing has been finalized. Jaguar and Le Mans were synonymous in the 50s, when it won the race outright 5 times between 1951 and '57 with its C- and D-Type racers. It later returned to the top of the podium in 1988 and 1990 with the XJR-9LM and XJR-12, respectively. It would be great to see the cat return with a factory effort in one of the prototype classes.

[Sources: Business Standard, Endurance-Info]

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