eBay Find Of The Day: Earnhardt Lumina

Click above for gallery of the Lumina Z34 Earnhardt edition

Back in the '90s, If the flashiest of Luminas – the Z34 – was too run-of-the-mill for you, there was always the Dale E. special. The checkered flag and signature motif, rendered in the finest early color palette of the Clinton era, is enough to elicit a "whooo-eee!" from a preacher.

While we think there's some future classic potential in the GM-10 despite what all you collectible car nitpickers will say, we don't think even the most pristine Dale E. Lumina is worth $39,000, even if it does have just 6,100 miles on its odometer and comes with an autographed bill of sale and owner's manual. eBay, the great white hope of anyone with overvalued junk, houses the auction for this hunk of awesomeness, and you've got more than two weeks to drum up funding if you need something park next to your Jeff Gordon edition Monte Carlo. Thanks for the tip, Clay!

[Source: eBay]

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