Lock, Stock und Barrel: ze Germans acquire Super Aguri

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It was a nice idea that Aguri Suzuki had, to start a new F1 team from scratch. Unfortunately, his dreams didn't last long, resulting in the grassroots team closing up shop and its assets put up for auction. Those assets were bought up by Formtech GmbH, a German tooling and construction company.

Formtech intends to use the team's former Leafield, England, headquarters as its new base for UK operations, where it will use Super Aguri's autoclaves and other equipment to design and manufacture composite materials. Formtech also intends to employ some of Aguri's now-unemployed technicians. But what of the actual race cars and fleet of transporters? Formtech bought those too, and is looking for another buyer. So if you're interested in a new Formula One car and a big truck in which to haul it around, better give them a ring.

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[Source: F1-Live]

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