Honeywell tapped to provide turbos for Ford

Ford has committed to putting 500,000 vehicles on the road annually with its Ecoboost direct injection + turbo technology, which means the Blue Oval is going to need a whole bunch of turbochargers. After some searching, Ford has chosen Honeywell to be the supplier that puts some fuel-sipping pep into its engine lineup. Honeywell already supplies turbo chargers to several European automakers, where forced induction has been an accepted practice for boosting small engines for years.

Ford says its Ecoboost technology can, for example, enable four-cylinder engines to produce V6 power with four-pot efficiency, which will go a long way toward helping the automaker achieve its goal of reducing fuel consumption by 30% or more by 2020. The first vehicle to receive Ecoboost is the Lincoln MKS, with the Taurus, F-150, and Flex following after that.

[Source: Automotive News, subs. req'd]

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