China may ban almost all cars during Olympics

It seems that Beijing's various measures designed to lower its overall air pollution in preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games is working, though additional and more drastic measures may be required. You may recall that the city began limiting traffic on July 20, a move which has helped lower the air's nitride count some 48-percent and drop its particulate matter rating from [the seemingly arbitrary number of] 90 to 44. Still, so-called "sauna weather," where high-humidity and low-wind conditions exist at once, could force the city into removing up to 90-percent of all cars from its densely packed roadways. Though that would likely be a serious blow to the city's inhabitants, experts predict that the ban would only be necessary for a few days and would alleviate the remaining air-quality problems. All of these changes deemed necessary by the World's athletes make us wonder if conditions will immediately revert to their pre-Olympic state or if the city will continue on a path of air-quality improvement.
[Source: China View]

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