REPORT: Schumacher totals Ferrari prototype at Nurburgring

Click to see Schumi unveiling the 430 Scuderia at Frankfurt '07

Reports from the world of motorsport indicate that Michael Schumacher has totaled a new Ferrari prototype at the nefarious Nurburgring Nordschleiffe. According to the reports, Ferrari had rented out the track for the day when the team's former champion took out the test mule based on the 430 Scuderia that Schumacher himself helped develop. Just days after taking laps around Fiorano in the new California and presenting it to dealers in Maranello, Schumacher reportedly went off the damp track at over 250 km/h (155 mph) at the high-speed Schwedenkruz corner and hit a guard rail, severely damaging the car and forcing the test crew to switch to a second vehicle. Sources suggested that Schumacher had his son Mick riding shotgun at the time of the crash, however alternative reports suggest that factory test driver Raffaele DeSimone was driving, with Schumacher riding shotgun.

Although no official word has been given, it would seem that Schumacher escaped the incident uninjured, rendering the outcome of his shunt on "the Green Hell" better than that of his predecessor Niki Lauda, who nearly did in a fiery crash on the track some 32 years ago. As to what the prototype was being used to develop, however, is up to speculation: it could be the successor to the F430 or a new supercar to replace the discontinued Enzo.

[Source: F1-Live]

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