Lutz: E-Flex to reach 1 million units worldwide by 2020

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The first Chevy Volt and its E-Flex brethren are still more than two years away, but vice chairman and corporate quote machine Bob Lutz is already targeting 2020 for 1 million annual worldwide sales. The lofty target would go a long way towards the General's goal of meeting tough fuel economy and CO2 standards in the U.S. and Europe, while also providing customers a mass-market choice that can run mainly on electricity. While E-Flex will be a big part of GM's long-term plans, the technology will be slowly introduced to the buying public and ramped up as battery costs drop. Europe will get 30,000 E-Flex equipped vehicles in 2011, but at a starting price of about £32,000. GM introduced its E-Flex based Flextreme concept last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

We're excited about any vehicle that promises 40 miles on electricity alone and 150 mpg or more for extended driving. Here's hoping we see 1 million units in 2020 or even before, and lets hope Mr. Lutz, who will be nearly 90 by that time, is around to see it.

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[Source: Times Online]

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