VIDEO: MINI JCW has a virus

One of the apparent keys to creating a viral video is mimicking reality by showing young people attempting stunts. The main difference is that in Virals, the injuries aren't real, and the camera work is better. Oh, and the payoff is usually CG that's been fussed over, versus pimply little Johnny trying to figure out chromakey in his bedroom. MINI wants to put across the point that the Cooper S with the John Cooper Works package is more extreme than extreme. The very definition of extreme, perhaps. Extremus maxiumus. Whatever. Corralling a big-power MINI is first rate entertainment, but a lesson in how levers work from a massive crane would tickle the adrenal gland more. The fact that we just expended a bunch of words about the video means that MINI hit its mark, though -- the whole point of Viral ads is to get people talking, so... as Linda Richman would say - "tawlk amongst yuhselves..." Video posted after the jump.

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The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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