London 2008: Mastretta MXT will be Mexico's first homegrown car

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It may have taken Mexico a while to produce its first car, but at least when it finally took place, it did so with style. When we originally heard of the Mastretta MXT, it was said to be powered by a stock Ford Duratec four-banger. Fortunately, the production machine will be blessed with a much more impressive version of the 2.0L mill, one tuned by the maestros at Cosworth, who have also bestowed the block with a turbocharger. Claimed output is 240 horses, which is plenty to move the MXT along at an impressive clip due to its light weight of just 900 kilograms -- just a bit shy of a ton. The run to sixty is dispatched in under five seconds and top speed is up around a buck-fifty.

The car will be available beginning next May in the U.K., with other European destinations to follow. Fitting, as the car, with its chassis a blend of aluminum bonded with composites and its body of fiberglass, will be compared most directly with Britain's own Lotus Elise and Exige.

[Source: Mastretta]

Press Release:

Mexican Sportscar Mastretta MXT Launch Set to Spice Up British International Motor Show

MEXICO CITY - July 18, 2008: Bristling with design flair, the all-new Mastretta MXT is the exciting and exclusive new sports car that will put Mexico on the map and offer UK drivers performance and more choice in the sub £40,000 sector.

The lightweight two-seater weighs just 900kg. And with top speed of 150mph, it is aimed at thrill seekers who also have an eye to the environment, who want to have fun and enjoy driving without causing damage through their car's excessive weight and power.

Mastretta MXT is the first car to be designed and built in Mexico, and the aggressive and sculpted sports coupé makes its debut here at the British International Motor Show.

This unique, rear-wheel drive two-seater's 2.0litre turbocharged Duratec engine develops nearly 240bhp pushing it on to 60 mph from rest in less than 5.0secs. Constructed from bonded aluminium, the semi-monocoque chassis features aircraft style technology. Closed mould techniques sculpt the distinctive body from high quality fibreglass and the air-conditioned interior is leather-trimmed.

Direct racecar feel comes through rack and pinion steering – 2.8 turns lock to lock. And 293mm ventilated brake discs with ABS as standard slow the car with eye-popping power, when necessary. Mastretta MXT has double wishbone suspension front and rear.

Lifestyle Automotive is the company licensed to import and distribute the cars in Europe and company boss Tom Martin is confident of success with Mastretta MXT.

"Customers who place orders at the show will be able to register their cars in May next year," he says. "The Mastretta MXT on display at ExCeL 22 July - 3 August is the penultimate prototype," Martin says. "We should complete Vehicle Certification Agency testing by October and RHD production, which is limited to 80 cars in the first full year, will start by January."

National pride as well as burning ambition for their new car motivates the Mastretta brothers who have taken the car from idea through concept to reality.

"We needed to create a great car because Mexico has no tradition of sophisticated sports car manufacturing," says designer Daniel Mastretta. "It is most important that our customers are delighted by the new MXT. That's what we aimed to do from the first drawing of the car, but we also want to make our country proud of the MXT and to show the world what we can do."

  • # Price (rrp): £32,999
  • Engine: 1999 cc
  • Aspiration: Supercharged
  • Power: 240 bhp
  • Torque: 184 lb ft
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual
  • Front tyres: 205/45 R17
  • Power/weight: 267/tonne
  • Length: 3900 mm
  • Width: 1790 mm
  • Height: 1150 mm
  • 0-60 mph: < 5 secs (est)
  • Rear tyres: 235/45 R17

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