Run for the border: Mexico's 2008 Mastretta MXT mid-engine exotic

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The fact that we can't have it makes us want it more. This nicely aggressive coupe from Mexico's Mastretta Design is beautifully sculpted, with plenty of energy bottled up in its stance. The structure is bonded aluminum, just like a proper supercar, and with a production target of 150 units per year, the mid-engine MXT is appropriately exclusive, too. The styling may be writing checks that the powertrain can't cash, with 200 horsepower from the 2.3 liter four, performance numbers are in the realm of the Camry; but we don't think that's the point. This is one stylish car, and we wish we could get our hands on it here in the US. Even without big power, it releases all the proper neurotransmitters -- light weight, minimalist interior, spiffy shape -- too much power may turn it into a widowmaker, anyway.

Mastretta designs all sorts of stuff, from buses to oil bottles. Their vehicular expertise has been honed by producing a handsome Beetle-based coupe, as well as a dune buggy-esque "fun car." Moving off the old VW Type 1 architecture, a faux '62 'Vette was worked up with a custom chassis ready to accept GM components. Mastretta also pulled it all together on the nuts and bolts side and put the designs into series production, so they've also got the practical engineering chops to bring vehicles to fruition. This nectarine-hued creation will drop off the branch in Q1 of 2008, after its formal debut at the Mexico City Auto Show in December of this year.

[Source: Mastretta Design via Carscoop]

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