GM's OnStar will track your annual mileage... but only for your benefit

We've heard it before: "We're going to collect the information, but it won't go beyond..." The latest take on "Let us help you with technology" comes courtesy of GM's OnStar, which is offering you the opportunity to have your annual mileage tracked. The info will be given to their GMAC arm, which will then see if you qualify for insurance discounts. That sounds good, right?
Of course, no one mentions the other side -- that they can also see if you need a higher premium. "You told us this car was just for weekend recreation, Mr. Smith..." Signing up for the OnStar service is voluntary, so it's not going to start watching you until you say so... yet. But if you really do think you're paying too much, then why not. They probably already know everything about you, anyway... Thanks for the tip, Myles!

[Source: Top Speed]

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