eBay Find of the Day: smart Crossblade

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Mercedes shocked the motoring press when it announced back in the early 2000's that it would actually launch a production version of its crazy smart Crossblade. Equipped with the same turbocharged three cylinder engine as the regular smart fortwo was offered with, what really distinguished the Crossblade from a run-of-the-mill smart was what it was missing. Gone was the roof and normal doors, along with most of the windshield. What was left intact were the Tridion cell and the rest of the smart's safety features.

The smart Crossblade never made it across to the United States, but there are apparently a few of them over here anyway, one of which has just appeared on eBay. According to the current owner, the car was titled in Cali, though it now resides in Idaho. Unfortunately, the far-left state has now decided to nullify that original title, as the car doesn't fit their definition of an automobile. We wonder if they have the same problem with the Jeep Wrangler. In any case, the asking price is a bit steep, though the new owner would likely never see another Crossblade on the road. Thanks for the tip, Cary!

[Source: eBay Motors]

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