You may have seen our previous coverage of the Eliica eight-wheeled electric vehicle from Japan. If not, perhaps you were introduced to the vehicle by the Discovery Channel, as it was frequently seen on their show Future Car. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the above video of the vehicle, and the interviews conducted with some of the men behind the Eliica. A common thread connecting all of the electric car prototypes seen on these pages are the hardships facing the designers regarding their batteries. The Eliica team is no exception, and to help combat this problem, they are looking to create larger lithium ion batteries than are currently available. They hope that these batteries will make inroads in other fields as well, helping to lower the cost. It would certainly be great to see them succeed with this endeavor, and, the more electric vehicles we see on the roads using lithium ion technology, the less the batteries are likely to cost.


[Source: Youtube via Treehugger]

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