Oh the horror! Ferrari California post-crash test

We're fully aware that even supercars must undergo crash testing. But we like to think of the process the same way we do hamburgers. When we get hungry, we're able to totally banish any curiosity about what gruesome process transformed the cow into lunch.
Photos from inside a slaughterhouse would evoke the same emotions as these shots of a Ferrari California after crash testing. The Italian Web site that posted them says they were taken at Ferrari supplier Webasto. The Germany-based company created the convertible top for Ferrari's Superamerica, and are apparently testing their product on the California.

But, thanks to Google's interesting Italian translation we're not exactly sure what's going on. Can you make any sense of, "According to recent information, however, Webasto has yet to make up because their folding roof is still suffering from a children's diseases." We sure hope it's not contagious and that not too many more Californias are sacrificed in the search for a cure.

[Source: CzechFerrari via Autogespot]

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