MUGEN accessorizes your wall

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So you settled for the USDM, factory-built Honda Civic MUGEN Si because: a.) you don't live in Japan and b.) even if you did, you probably wouldn't have gotten your filthy mitts on a limited-edition MUGEN RR anyway. However, if you're still looking to get yourself something related to the RR, you're in luck. MUGEN has found another way to vacuum up fanboy dollars appeal to its enthusiast customers by offering up original artwork. First up in "The Art of MUGEN Power" series is "The Art, MUGEN RR", a 300-piece limited-edition print that shows the car in cutaway form. ¥39,000 ($368) puts one on your wall. Want a numbered plate for the frame? Tack on another ¥2,100 ($19.80). It's art a la carte, courtesy of MUGEN. The company website has all the details (in Japanese, natch -- the English pages are perpetually "under the construction").

[Source: MUGEN Power]

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