Brown goes green in NYC: Full-sized UPS EV truck

Click image for photo gallery of the UPS EV van

Last weekend, reader Andrew Grin accompanied a friend on one of the NY-area Tesla Roadster test drives that were being held (his friend has a Roadster reserved). Following the experience with the EV sports car, Andrew and his buddies spotted a somewhat peculiar UPS truck parked across the street from the garage where the Tesla was dropped off. The big delivery truck had "Zero Emission Electric Vehicle" emblazoned on its side panels. A walk to the front also showed a blank spot where the radiator grille would normally reside. They quizzed the truck's driver, who told them that it's one of two of its kind in New York City, and that it has a 15-mile range. The photos below come courtesy of Andrew, who happened to have his camera on hand to capture the Tesla drive. Turns out, he caught another interesting EV with it as well. Thanks, Andrew!

[Source & Photos: Andrew Grin]

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