What A Waste! - coming to BBC on July 25th

AGB reader "Garry" contacted us to tell us about a new BBC series called "What a waste!" in which they look at how the world is going to cope as the demand for power and energy grows and grows. This includes the quest to find the greenest car possible. According to the press release (which you can find after the jump), the documentary includes Felix Kramer's100+ mpg plug-in hybrid, the Tesla roadster, an interview to Amory Lovins about his own ideas about the future of the car and Colorado's Xcel Energy. And last, but not least the speak to GM about the Chevy Volt. Interested? Check if you have BBC available and check schedules for details.

[Source: BBC]

Press release

""What a Waste!" is a brand new BBC World series looking at how the world is going to cope as the demand for power and energy grows and grows. What is the greenest car? How can we build energy efficient homes and offices? And how can we effectively harness the power of the sun and wind?

To answer all those questions "What a Waste!" goes to China, to the USA, to South America and to Europe in search of the best energy saving strategies and to speak to the world's best experts. The five part series looks at public transport in Bogota, green cars in America, solar panel production in China and the city of Freiburg in Germany – possible the most eco-community in the world.

The world's oil supplies are looking strained, and fuel prices are rocketing. The future of the humble car, with it's crippling dependence on oil for fuel, is beginning to look threatened. But people need transport. Our entire economy is based on a solid transport base, and no-one wants to leave their cars behind. There must be another way.

The world over, the race is on to find a new way of making the car move, a new fuel to power our daily journeys. We travel to San Francisco, where Felix Kramer and the team at GreenGears are working on Plug-In Hybrid technology, converting the innovative Toyota Prius to a machine that charges in your garage overnight, and gets 100+ miles to the gallon. We meet the team at Tesla, whose Roadster model promises to be the world's first all-electric high powered sportscar. Meanwhile at the Rocky Mountain Institute in Colorado, Amory Lovins has his own ideas about the future of the car and the international addiction to oil that it causes. And Colorado's Xcel Energy company have designs on making the whole power grid friendly for electric vehicles. We see how innovation from new start-ups can come from the most unlikely quarters, and may change the car industry forever. But what of the big players? We also talk to GM about their own slate of vehicles that don't run on petrol, including the elusive Chevy Volt, and ask just who will win this pressing race to the future.

What A Waste! debuts on BBC World TV on July 25th. BBC World is available across Europe and Asia, and now in many parts of the United States. Please check schedules for details, transmission times vary according to location."

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