With gas over $4, GM reportedly kills plans for 500hp Camaro Z/28

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Chevrolet will unveiling the production version of the new Camaro sometime later this summer, but high gas prices appear to have killed plans for at least one of the anticipated models. The Camaro lineup was to have been topped off by a Z/28 model powered by a 500+ hp supercharged V8. With the national average price of gasoline at $4.16 last week, the prospects for an LS8 powered super-Camaro looked bad. Instead the Camaro will be topped off with a 400 hp SS model. Even that one may end up having a limited lifespan if gas prices keep climbing. GM has acknowledged that it is examining alternatives like smaller engines with direct injection and turbocharging. A hybrid version will likely turn up at some point as well.

[Source: Left Lane News]

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