British Motor Show Preview: Ford to intro 42mpg Fiesta Zetec S

Click image above for a photo gallery of the Fiesta Zetec S

We're only a week away from the British Motor Show and we've got some info on the sportier version of the new Fiesta. The Zetec S will be officially unveiled in London with a brand new 1.6L four cylinder rated at 118hp. In the Fiesta the new engine will get you up to 62 mph in 9.9 seconds. Along the way the Fiesta Zetec S consumes gasoline at the rate of 41.6 mpg. Carbon dioxide emissions are rated at 139 g/km. All of this bodes well for what we can expect when the Fiesta debuts in North America in early 2010. Like the Mazda2 with which it shares its platform the Fiesta is actually lighter than the previous generation model. More than half of the Feista structure is made of high strength steel giving it increased strength at a lower mass. Ford still hasn't revealed which engines wil go into the US Fiesta but this 1.6L seems likely to be part of the lineup.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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