Protect your sound system with smarts

One of the easiest ways to customize a car is to yank out that factory radio and stick in something with more snazzy looks and more jazzy sound. Unfortunately, thieves know how easily your new stereo can be yanked out.

There have been many variations on the concealment method of stereo protection through the years. One of the most popular being to hide the newer unit behind a nest of wires to fool would-be crooks into thinking someone had beaten them to the prize. But over at Instructables, there's a new twist to the trick.

The key to the hack is to conceal your upgraded stereo behind what looks like your car's OEM unit. There are step-by-step instructions showing you how its done, from mounting the old radio's faceplate on a removable fascia, to making the fakery look even more unappealing by halving a cassette tape for added realism. They used "Christmas With the Brady Bunch," which might work in a Geo Metro in December, but would be probably guarantee your G35 getting busted open in July.

[Source: Instructables via Gizmag]

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