Obama nixes NASCAR sponsorship

Well, the only Toyota Camrys on which you'll see Barack Obama's name are those driven by civilians, like the one pictured above. The Obama campaign had been offered a sponsorship opportunity on the #49 BAM Racing Sprint Cup car, driven by Ken Schrader, at the August 3rd race at Pocono. It's not at all uncommon for Presidential candidates to try and woo NASCAR voters, but perhaps it's best that the Democratic candidate has decided to turn down this offer. After all, it seems that sponsorship of a NASCAR ride might have been awkward, as stock car racing could be seen as being antithetical to any green automotive policies that Obama might support. Obamaniacs interested in seeing their candidate's name on a vehicle can go get themselves bumper stickers, since it won't be hurtling down a speedway anytime soon.

[Source: AP via Yahoo! News | Photo: lizardking]

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