Super-secret photo of Tesla Whitestar leaks out of San Carlos

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A super-double-secret source deep within the bowels of the Tesla Motors engineering operation in San Carlos CA, has risked life and job to provide you, the readers of AutoblogGreen, with an early look at the upcoming Model S. While Tesla claims that unlike the Roadster, the Model S is a new, from-the-ground-up design. Nonetheless, the Model S clearly draws design inspiration from other cars, although those elements have been blended in a remarkably seamless fashion. Like the Dodge Magnum powertrain mule we saw a few days ago, the Model S appears to have a very long wheelbase. Overall, its shape is very aerodynamic, but judging from the large front air intakes, the latest battery pack still requires quite a bit of cooling. While the design has reportedly been approved for production in 2010 by Elon Musk and the board, some additional tweaking is still possible before Job 1. It sure would be interesting to see how Henrick Fisker's proposal compared to this one. Follow the jump for more secret details on Model S.

[Source: Wouldn't you like to know!]
If you haven't figured out by now that this is a joke, you're clearly far too serious for you own good. Lighten up, relax, smile, enjoy life! I command it!

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