VW could spawn multiple new Beetles including up! variant

A decade on from its revival, it has been unclear whether Volkswagen would ever build successor to the New Beetle. After all, how do follow up such an iconic retro shape? It now appears that Volkswagen may not only build a new New Beetle, but also expand the lineup into a mini-brand of its own. The sixth-generation Golf is set to debut in 2009 and its platform could be the basis for the next New Bug around 2010-11. Motor Trend is even speculating that it might be available with a hybrid powertrain. Based on the success of unique-looking hybrids like the Prius, a hybrid-only Beetle would actually make sense from a marketing perspective. A second potential vehicle could be a bug-shaped car based on the up! concept that debuted last year. Recent rumors had the production up! switching from the concept's rear-engine layout to a more conventional front-engine, front-drive setup. If they do keep the engine out back, a Beetle based on this platform truly would be a successor to the original.

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[Source: Motor Trend, via Autoblog]

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