Veken makes hybrid scooters for U.S. market

Updated with new URL for Veken Scooters
While we patiently (or not so patiently...) await the arrival of hybrid scooters from Piaggio, a Chinese firm has stepped up to the plate and beaten the Italians to the punch. Veken USA has created what it refers to as the VK-M50, and we hope it eventually gets a better name. It's the technology we are most interested in, and the 49cc gasoline engine coupled to a 500 Watt motor certainly delivers with up to an estimated 220 miles per gallon. The 36 volts of juice are provided by a lithium polymer battery that is good for up to 18 miles per hour, at which time the small gas engine kicks in to power the machine up to speeds of near 40 miles per hour and charges the battery. Obviously, this setup would return its highest fuel efficiency at lower speeds, but even at their top speeds, most 50cc scooter return excellent fuel mileage. The VK-50 has a suggested price of $2,799.

The company's website can be found here, but the specifications for the hybrid scooter have since been revised. We've had a look at the latest copy of their brochure, which is available in the pictures below.

[Source: Veken USA]

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