Oobject lists 15 "Splendid Sidecars"

Those of you considering a motorcycle for its undeniable visceral thrills, or even its fuel savings, should consider another option which could add a bit more practicality to your new two-wheeler: the sidecar. Sure, you'll lose out on some performance -- both in a straight line and in the twisty bits -- but you'll easily make that up when the coolness factor is counted in. What, you don't think sidecars are cool? How wrong you are, and oobject has fifteen bits of proof for you to consider. From fully enclosed luxury to rocket-shaped sidecars, there are plenty of options to choose from. How about one modeled after a fighter plane? Covered. A land-speed record sidecar? Check.
Even though those novelty sidecars are pretty awesome pieces, the good ol' plain-jane sidecar steals the show as far as we're concerned. Whether hung off the side of a older BMW airhead or a retro Stella scooter, three-wheeled travel just doesn't get much cooler than with the rounded-front and high-windshield of the classic motorcycle sidecar.

[Source: oobject]

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