Richard Viguerie: Blame a liberal for high energy prices

I'm not familiar with Richard Viguerie, but he's a proud conservative and more than willing to engage in some "attack the liberals" maneuvers to complain about high gas prices. Since I get a bit of flack from our readers about airing my leftwing views, I thought I'd highlight Viguerie's argument - don't worry, I'll get back to my standard Republican bashing in a post later today :)
In any case, Viguerie's point is that some on the left see high gas prices as a good thing, and so therefore we're totally responsible for the high prices. He does hate on corn ethanol for a bit, and polishes Reagan's memory. He goes through the standard talking points about driling in ANWR and letting the market run rampant decide what the price of energy should be, then says this: " Liberals raised taxes on gasoline so high that the government makes roughly four times as much on each gallon as the oil companies do."

Look, I'm willing to let conservatives have their say, but this just seems slippery as all get out to me. If I remember correctly, the federal gas tax is around 18 cents a gallon, right? In 2007, Exxon earned $1,300 per second. I know that not all of Exxon's profits come from gasoline sales, but come on. I'm sure that in some technical way Viguerie could be right, but saying that our cash-starved governments are somehow riding high compared to the Exxons of the world is amazing. Simply amazing.


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