Honda to reveal new sports car concept at British International Motor Show

The British International Motor Show will be the backdrop for the latest Honda reveal; a lightweight, low CO2 sports car concept called the OSM. The acronym stands for Open Model Study and speculation runs rife that it somehow related to the upcoming CR-Z hybrid coupe slated for 2009 production. Drivetrain details were not released so it is unknown if it is envisioned as another hybrid, though it will probably have some type of internal combustion engine as it is referred to as "low CO2" and not "CO2 free." Company spokesperson, Steve Kirk, did say it wasn't meant as a replacement for the rear wheel drive S2000.

The convertible was penned at the company's German R&D center in Offenbach and, if the concept goes from clay to metal and eventually makes it to showrooms, Honda has hopes it will further boost their "green image". Though it still early days, judging by the drawing, the OSM should be true to its apparent homophone, "awesome."

[Source: Automotive News Europe {sub-req'd}]

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