Heck, it's your money: Ferrari ready to build customer one-offs

Hard as it may be to believe, the existing stock of Ferrari road cars just isn't enough for some. For those discerning (and exceedingly wealthy) customers, a unique Prancing Horse of their own is the only thing that will satisfy their need for automotive individuality. Far be it for us to complain, because their investment leads to eye candy, like Jim Glickenhaus' Enzo-based P4/5. Until now, such customers have had to turn to custom coachbuilders like Pininfarina and Carrozzeria Touring for such exclusivity, but reports now suggest that Ferrari will offer such extensive customization directly from the factory.

Show up at Maranello with 2 million euros in hand and an idea in mind, and Ferrari will cook you up your very own sportscar based on one of its existing chassis and powertrains. The only limit which Ferrari will reportedly impose is no SUVs, sedans or wagons (unless your first name is Sultan, of course), but we have a feeling they won't just slap their vaunted Prancing Horse emblem on any tail-finned, taupe-colored abomination you can cook up. We are, however, looking forward to finding out.

[Source: eurocarblog]

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