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The Sultan's secret 1995 Ferrari FX

Richard Owen of recently visited the Marconi Museum in Tustin, California and discovered one of its hidden gems, a Sultan of Brunei custom Ferrari FX. Richard explains the history of this technological tour de force and gives us some insight into the bizarre story of the Sultan and his massive collection of one-offs, custom-builts, exotics and supercars that numbered in the thousands. The whole collection was estimated to have cost some $28 billion. This particular jewel started life as a Ferrari 512M but was so extensively modified that the new FX nomenclature was used. And being the Sultan, this is just number four of seven nearly identical models he had commissioned. Pininfarina redesigned the body and the Williams F1 crew was tabbed to do some mechanical tweaking.

The cars started life at Pininfarina where the new aluminum and carbon fiber bodies were mated to a 512M platform. The Sultan's brother, Prince Jefri, then took the car to Williams where it was fitted with a sequential gearbox similar to their Formula 1 unit. But this car never finished the cycle. The Sultan's buying days had come to an abrupt halt while the car was still at Williams and that's where Dick Marconi came in. The sole dark blue FX in the bunch, it was purchased by Herbalife founder, ex-boxer and sometime racer, Dick Marconi, for his Southern California museum. And there it sits for anyone to see. Check out for more photos and details. And if you're ever in Southern California, make sure you stop by the Marconi Museum. All Museum donations go to support the Marconi Foundation for Kids, which provides funds to at risk youth.


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