George Clooney still doing the Tango

The rich folk of Hollywood, it's probably fair to say, switch out their bling mobiles on a pretty regular basis because, well, because they can. There are, however, a few who have embraced green transportation alternatives like Ed Begley Jr. (bicycle) and Darryl Hannah (former biodiesel El Camino owner). While George Clooney doesn't see himself as an environmental spokesperson per se, (he did, after all, make use of a private jet recently to get himself to the Venice film festival) he is pretty big on electric cars and believes they are the way of the future.

He's been driving his Tango by Commuter Cars since sometime back in 2005. That's like a decade in Hollywood years. Despite the strange looks and limited space it provides, Clooney hangs tough with his Tango while he waits somewhat impatiently for his ordered Tesla Roadster. He tells the Times Online that it can be a bit embarrassing sometimes driving it though, "...There's nowhere to hide, because it's just me behind the wheel and there isn't enough space for anyone else." Luckily the Tango is about as fast as the more traditional looking Tesla so when he feels the desire to make an exit, he can do so quickly. He should feel more relaxed in his Roadster, as well as less lonely, with its side-by-side seating, when it arrives later this year.

UPDATE: Typo fixed thanks to John M.

[Source: Times Online]

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