More details: Gordon Murray's Type-25 city car

If such projections as cutting the cost of driving and vehicle emissions in half sounds a bit radical to you, that's exactly the response that Gordon Murray is hoping for. Before completely dismissing these claims, remember that Murray is the man most responsible for the road-going supercar known as the McLaren F1, as well as quite a number of race winning Formula 1 cars from a few decades ago. Note too that Caparo, makers of the awe-inspiring T1 are also heavily involved in the project. Considering that the team is only halfway through the design process, we hope that they are able to follow through with their early projections.
Murray claims that his newest vehicle, designated the Type-25 (his 25th clean-sheet design), will revolutionize personal transportation by being cheap to produce, purchase and operate. Safety is not forgotten either, as the new vehicle is fully expected to pass all applicable crash testing. What's more, the new car is IKEA ready able to be flat-packed for ease of shipping. So far, details remain sketchy regarding who will produce the vehicle as Murray's company only intends to design the it. Caparo's excellence in carbon fiber design may prove valuable, though we have no indication that Caparo will be the company actually assembling the vehicles.

[Source: Autocar]

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