Ex-McLaren F1 designer, Gordon Murray joins Caparo team

When it comes to exotic automotive composites, you won't find a bigger name than Gordon Murray. Murray who led the design team that birthed the McLaren F1 and who was up to his elbows in the development of the McMerc, has made the move to Caparo, producers of the T1 supercar.

The move mainly centers on Caparo's development and marketing of lightweight materials to be used by automakers to reduce emissions and improve fuel mileage. If the Caparo team and Murray are at the forefront of that development, there is no doubt that the fiscal impact would be epic and the design element would be a revolution for passenger cars.

Murray's biggest ambition at this point isn't the development of another elite, physics-defying road rocket, but the pursuit of an affordable, highly efficient city car for the masses.

Here's to hoping that you too can buy a car designed by a legend.

[Source: World Car Fans, who also have photos of Murray and the T1]

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