Man falls in love with his Xingyue enclosed scooter

A Michigan man has found his own personal solution to high gas prices in an interesting three-wheeled enclosed scooter which leans into turns from a Chinese company known as Xingyue. Before this story, we were not at all familiar with the company, though a Google search does turn up a little information. Powered by a 150cc single cylinder four stroke engine, the scooter is capable of traveling on any road that is not a major highway and is fully street legal. The new owner estimates that he is getting fuel mileage of around 120 miles per gallon when he keeps it under forty miles per hour and 80-90 miles per gallon when he's really wringing it out.

This machine appears to be some sort of copy of the Honda Gyro. Though we tend to shy away from unknown Chinese scooters, reputable brands like Piaggio, Vespa and Yamaha have appeared on these pages in the past. The enclosure of the Xingyue allows a slightly longer riding season for those who live in areas with poor weather much of the year. See a video of the machine in action here.

[Source: ABC 12 News]

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