Two Oregon cities will start the state's electric car charging infrastructure

If you missed the story of this 1981 Ford Fairmont EV, click here.

Portland General Electric is gearing up to move Oregon into the plug-in vehicle future. The utility will be installing a dozen charging stations for EVs in Portland and Salem in the next two months. Sure, that might not seem like a lot, but this is just the demonstration part of the project; the utility is laying the foundation for mass adoption of plug-in vehicles in the next two to five years. An ambitious timeline? Sure, but that's what we need right now and public charging stations are vital to allowing people who don't have a garage at home to fill up their new electric cars.

Back in May, PGE got approval from the Oregon Public Utility Commission to install a lot of smart meters (850,000, to be exact) in people's homes. For the public vehicle chargers, PGE is working with ODOT to install the devices and let people know what they are. The Daily Journal of Commerce claims that there are already 400 EVs registered in Oregon.

[Source: Daily Journal of Commerce]

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