London Mayor: "No More Congestion Charges"

Motorists in London had high hopes when they elected Boris Johnson as their mayor. The former Conservative party leader is a well-known gearhead, and even moonlights as an automotive journalist. And those hopes may just yet be vindicated, as Mayor Johnson begins rolling back the Congestion Charges instituted by his reviled predecessor "Red" Ken Livingstone.

For starters, Boris has stated publicly and on the record, "I am not going to be having any more congestion charges." Although he has not yet dismantled the entire system, the Mayor has indicated that he is considering canceling its most recent extension into the Kensington and Chelsea neighborhoods, narrowing down the zone to the downtown core between Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge. At the same time, Johnson is launching a half-million-pound public consultation into the entire C-Zone network, while campaigning for a "modal shift towards bicycling and walking, not just in inner London but also in outer London." We hope to hear good things soon.

[Source: PistonHeads]

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