Ken Livingstone is Mayor of London no more!

Ken Livingstone is the current mayor of London who has not endeared himself to the city's swarm of automobile owners while in office since 2000. His most controversial move as London's mayor was to institute a congestion charge for driving in certain parts of the city, and his latest idea of instituting a $50-per-day tax for gas-guzzlers within the city limits has drawn some serious ire from Porsche. It looks like Stuttgart can call off its lawyers, as good ol' Kenneth just lost his reelection bid to the Conservative party's Boris Johnson. The Conservatives handed the Labour party its lunch in most local elections today, but the loss of the mayoral seat in London must especially sting for Livingstone and his Labourers. Unfortunately, we don't know what kind of guy Johnson is like and whether or not he'll repeal the congestion charge or pursue the gas-guzzler tax, but at least car-crazy Londoners can rest easy tonight knowing that their mortal enemy has lost his seat of power. Thanks for the tip, John!
[Source: The Telegraph]

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