Tanner Foust sheds light on Top Gear USA in blog interview

With all our mouths salivating over the upcoming NBC version of the hit BBC program Top Gear, the guys over at Autofiends got a chance to sit down with Tanner Foust. As we revealed a couple of weeks ago, in addition to being a drifting and rallying champion, Tanner will be one of the three hosts – alongside Adam Carolla and Eric Stromer – who will be anchoring the Americanized show.

The interview makes for an interesting read, and in the process Foust casts a bit more light on what we can expect from the show. For example, while the BBC's publicly-funded format allows for full-hour shows, the NBC program will run closer to 42 minutes with commercials breaking up the shorter segments. The show's test track – en route to which Foust got lost with Jeremy Clarkson in a Callaway Corvette – is based in Orange County, California. And to the best of his understanding, Foust and his co-hosts will be free to speak their minds about the vehicles they'll be reviewing, which he promises will run the spectrum from budget automobiles to supercars, alongside "epic" challenges in true "American style where bigger is better". We'll be looking forward to seeing for ourselves. Follow the link to read the full interview.

[Source: Autofiends.com]

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